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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance (a.k.a. Medigap)
Medicare Supplement Insurance is a type of Medicare insurance plan that works with Original Medicare, instead of replacing it. It helps pay for some out-of-pocket costs. Original Medicare, which includes Parts A and B, cover some of your basic hospital and doctor expenses, respectively. Unfortunately, some does not mean all. The expenses which Medicare does not cover - sometimes referred to as "gaps" in coverage - are what Medigap Insurance Plans are designed to protect you from.
Who is Eligible for Medicare Supplement Insurance?
If any of the following scenarios apply to you, then you may have a Guaranteed Issue Right or the ability to enroll in Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

1) You are currently covered under Medicare Parts A & B.
2) You are within 6 months of turning 65.
3) You are within 6 months of receiving Part B coverage.
4) If you are about to lose your group health insurance plan.

Please note that you may still be required to answer some medical questions about your overall health and wellness. For further clarification, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (208) 252-6904, TTY Users: 711. Give us a call today.
When Can I Sign Up for Medicare Supplement Insurance?
You can sign up for Medigap insurance at any time. However, there are some time frames that are make the process much easier, and can reduce your costs.

1) The Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). During your first 6 months of Part B coverage, your acceptance is guaranteed, regardless of your current level of health.

2) The "Guaranteed Issue" Period. If you are about to lose coverage through an employer (creditable coverage), you will have a "guaranteed issue" period lasting 63 days when you can purchase any Medicare Supplement Insurance policy with no health questions asked.

If you apply for Medicare Supplement Insurance outside of these time frames, you may have to go through the complicated process of medical underwriting and answering lots of invasive health questions. To learn more, and to get help going through the process, call us today at (208) 252-6904, TTY Users: 711.
What is Medicare Advantage Insurance
Medicare Advantage insurance plans are a private alternative way to get your Medicare benefits and can help limit your Medicare out-of-pocket costs. Plans may offer additional benefits like prescription drug coverage, dental, vision and hearing benefits. Plans vary, so its important to compare them carefully to find the right option for you.
Who is Medicare Supplement recommended for?
Medicare Supplement plans can be a great choice for people from all walks of life. Assuming you’re eligible to enroll, the choice to sign up for Medicare Supplement comes down to your individual needs. Many people can benefit from a Medicare Supplement insurance policy, which offers the same network of providers as Original Medicare. Original Medicare provides standard coverage to every beneficiary, regardless of income. What it does not provide, however, is 100% coverage of your medical costs. Whether you have trouble covering a surprise medical bill, or you want to protect your nest egg in retirement, this additional coverage can be an excellent choice.
Where Do I Purchase Medicare Insurance plans?
One of the easiest ways to get a complete view of your options is to take to an independent agent that can give you quotes for multiple carriers and plan types all on one call. This saves you having to put your information onto websites that will sell your information, or going from carrier to carrier trying to find the best options available for you.

At Medicare 10, this is our specialty. We make comparing options easy.
Important: How to Save On Your Medigap Plan
The ten types of Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans (like F, G & N) have standard benefits defined by Medicare. Each Medicare Supplement plan of a given type (letter) offers the same benefits regardless of what carrier you choose. This means shopping around isn’t just about finding the right plan for you, it’s about finding an affordable rate that will stay low over time.

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